As part of its “It’s a Thing” campaign, Fanta asked fans to submit images of themselves holding Fanta products. Several of the best images were then selected to be “remixed” - a process where we added custom illustrated clothing, background images, and clip art to create a fun and upgraded version of the original. The remixed images were then shared by the official Fanta social media accounts. A second series was also executed for Halloween.

women transformed to an orange dragon with little orange dragons around her with an out door background with many cars
male model holding a fanta drink with a transformed body to an all orange outfit
women sitting down in store with strawberry fanta illustrated in the background and strawberry illustrated in front of her
young man sitting on bench looking at strawberry fanta slightly transformed by illustration to a skeleton with illustrated octopus in the background
Man holding pineapple fanta with illustrated bats and owl behind a yellow background
women drinking a orange fanta with a illustrated spider in the background behind an orange sky
Man walking with a yellow fanta with pizza yellow hearts and pineapples illustrated in the background
women drinking an orange fanta with illustrations in the background
women holding an orange fanta with a snake illustrated attacking the fanta
women holding a fanta transformed into a lizard with three eyes with an orange background
man holding a pineapple fanta inside store with yellow illustration beside him
women drinking orange fanta with a illustration of a man with his arm on her shoulder